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Friday, January 27, 2006

Horizon on intelligent design

The depression caused by the BBC evolution poll results had lifted sufficiently for me to watch Horizon last night. It was a reasonable enough introduction to the arguments, though there was way too much of the usual Horizon fluff - at one point I was tempted to go to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and insert those dice up Dembski's arse.

The program came down on the side of evolution which was nice. I'd say a little more time was given over to the IDists presenting their case than the refutation, so the opposition can be reasonably satisfied in that sense. When Dembski watches it through he might be slightly embarrased by the opening shot of him wandering along some train tracks looking rather constipated. Another pointless bit of time wasting by Horizon.

I would have liked to have seen interviews with people other than Dawkins and Attenborough; Russ Doolittle maybe. I didn't think Dawkins and Attenborough really added much of note to the program - it seemed as though they were simply in there as the default TV biology guys. I was also rather surprised that they didn't mention Miller's religious views or give more time to Barbara Forrest. Eugenie Scott was also notable by her absence.

Finally, the most pertinent point to have emerged last night occurred to me at the end of the program; does Behe always wear that hat?